COMPILATION LEGO TECHNIC Cars 42083 Bugatti Chiron + 42056 Porsche 911 + 42096 Porsche - UNBOXING

  • Published on:  Saturday, January 12, 2019
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    This video is for AFOLS (Adult Fan Of Lego), lego collectors and Parents who watch what lego they will buy. Also this video shows what pieces this set contains, which is extremely important for Lego collectors and for the stores they sell Lego pieces separatelly, because many sets contains very rare and expensive Lego pieces.

    Interestingness for collectors:
    TECHNIC along with System is one of The LEGO Company's main lines. It is based on creating detailed model machines and mechanical toys with specialized beams and connectors to create details more accurately and smoothly. The theme is primarily designed for ages 9 and up, and was first introduced as the Expert Builder series in 1977, was renamed as "TECHNIC" in 1984 and briefly introduced a new kind of figure, the TECHNIC Figure. Most Technic themes are now discontinued. A new type of constraction figure called Ultrabuild was released in 2013. Modern minifigures have never apeared in a TECHNIC set.

    Technic History:
    The TECHNIC theme is characterized by the presence of axles, gears, connector pegs, and many other parts rarely seen in typical LEGO System sets. TECHNIC is still currently an active theme, and is one of the longest-lasting themes in LEGO history.
    Almost all TECHNIC sets are vehicles, and thus use pieces to mimic real vehicles, such as engine pieces, suspension, pneumatic, and transmission pieces.
    In recent years, System sets have begun to adopt previously TECHNIC-exclusive parts, particularly in the Exclusives and Star Wars sets. Many modern sets, including TECHNIC sets themselves, blur the distinction between the two systems considerably.

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    Interesting LEGO fact:
    - Most LEGO heads don’t have noses so that the facial graphics remain as clean as possible.[6]

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