• Published on:  Wednesday, June 19, 2019
  • Finally, another meet my pets video to show you all of my critters! I hope you enjoy!!

    SEE HOW I KEEP MY PETS (Pet Room Tour) :

    Bird diapers/harness I use:

    What Happened To:
    Brandi my dog: she stayed with my parents in Ohio when I moved. She still comes and visits frequently, but the change was not good for her so I decided to have her stay with my parents in a familiar place.

    Romeow the cat: Romeow stayed with my parents as well in order to continue doing nursing home visits at a local nursing home. He is also older and I was too worried about a big change for him, plus he is very VERY bonded with my mother.

    Richard the tegu: I acquired Richard unexpectedly and wasn't originally planning on keeping him, but I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately after about a year he started not getting along with the group so I interviewed a dozen potential homes and found one for him. He is doing well living his life with his new owner, he even goes out on his owner's fishing boat for the day with his new owner!

    Lorelei the dart frog: Lorelei passed away of old age in February of 2018. I got her as an adult that was several years old after her two tank mates passed away from old age and was fortunate enough to have her around for awhile before she too passed away naturally.

    Shelby and Snurch my Snails: My snails passed away of old age in September and November of 2018. I got them as full grown adults and was lucky enough to spend almost two years caring for them.

    Wilson the snake: Wilson belonged to a friend that lived with me but I cared for him, and when she was unable to take him back when I moved, my other friend was looking for a snake and asked to adopt Wilson.

    Noodle and Pluto the corn snake and ball python: Noodle and Pluto were intakes for rehab when they were not eating properly and their original owner's mother didn't want them in the house. They started eating frozen thawed again rather quickly and were given back to the owner when she moved out.

    Thimble and Pumpkin the mice: Thimble was released back into the wild once the warm weather came in 2018, Pumpkin was given to someone with a female mouse sorority so she could have companions. Which was what her plan was when she finished helping Thimble become "a mouse" and not a human. Luckily it all worked out for them in the end.

    Rats from the last video: Since I was breeding for pets at this time, I often had rats come and go within my lines to help improve genetics and breed towards what I was looking for in my pet line of rats. None of the rats in the previous video have yet passed away, however if they were not in this video they were either placed in pet homes or joined others breeding programs. Since I no longer breed for pets, all of the rats in this video are my permanent pets :)

    Zulu the red tail boa: Unfortunately Zulu's neurological problems continued to get worse and she began to injure herself by striking her decor and enclosure to the point of bleeding so the vet and I decided it was most humane to euthanize her in 2018.

    Papa Roach & Roachelle the Madagascar hissing cockroaches: they were put in a breeder tub and now have MANY offspring. There are so many in there now that I am not even sure if the original roaches are still alive because of how big their family has become.

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